New Website

News for Pizzato Elettrica: the company refreshes its aspect on the Internet through the restyling of its website.

Modern, eye-catching graphics and a totally updated lay-out: these are the features that stand out the most, but the new website is also simple to use and, above all, supported by any kind of device. Actually, it is a responsive website, which automatically adapts its layout to the screen used, thus reducing the need to resize the viewer window and to scroll through the page.

Particular attention was paid to the content, updated with deeper, more detailed information, in order to answer all users’ questions, clearing any doubt.

The products section is wider, showing many new functionalities, like the brand new search bar with filters. This innovative system will help users to choose the article that best suits their needs, simply selecting the features they look for.

The articles’ product-fiches were updated too, and now show a high-resolution image, thus offering to the users a clear and precise view of the products. Moreover, articles can be explored in details thanks to the chance to zoom into the picture.

Besides, it’s now possible to browse our whole catalogues directly online, instead of downloading them from the website.

Finally, an accurate 3D section shows our products’ functionalities and implementation, highlighting their main features. This solution helps customers who look for quick explanations and detailed information, which can guide them during the installation phase.

Hoping our new website will meet your satisfaction, please send us your feedback at

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